Technical Skills


I've been lucky enough to work in Operations, Delivery and Architecture - working in a DevOps-style environment before that term had caught on!

As an architect, I have:

  • played a significant role in setting infrastructure strategy - technical design, patterns & governance.
  • built up considerable experience designing technology for scale, resilience and security.
  • driven modernisation of legacy applications and technologies, including the building of a private cloud - whilst also strongly campaigning for adoption of public cloud (... something that I should now be able to take forward in my latest role!).

Whilst in my engineering roles, I've spent time:

  • leading the technical design for solutions' infrastructure build & deployment
  • as the subject matter expert for Middleware & Integration platforms such as Apache, IBM WebSphere & MQ, WebMethods, DataPower ...
  • carrying out day-to-day activities working on enterprise infrastructure platforms such as VMware, IBM pSeries, and Oracle Engineered Systems

More recently, I've changed my focus to more modern infrastructure platforms, such as:

  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Cloud platforms - especially GCP
  • Automation & Continuous Delivery toolchains

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